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The Political Graveyard

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    Finding People
    256,218 Politicians, Judges, Diplomats
    Finding Places
    Where they were born, lived, died, were buried

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    Fuller explanations
    to Historic Cemetery Resources
    Lawrence Kestenbaum
    Meet the site's creator
    Forty since 1996
    Reviews and Comments
    What they've said about The Political Graveyard
    Privacy Policy
    My rules on personal information
    Revised, February 11, 2009
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    Finding places in the Political Graveyard: Finding people in the Political Graveyard:
    "Enjoy the hospitable entertainment of a political graveyard."
    Henry L. Clinton, Apollo Hall, New York City, February 3, 1872
    The Political Graveyard

    The Political Graveyard is a web site about U.S. political history and cemeteries. Founded in 1996, it is the Internet's most comprehensive free source for American political biography, listing 256,218 politicians, living and dead.
      The coverage of the site includes (1) the President, Vice President, members of Congress, elected state and territorial officeholders in all fifty states, the District of Columbia, and U.S. territories; and the chief elected official, typically the mayor, of qualifying municipalities; (2) candidates at election, including primaries, for any of the above; (3) all federal judges and all state appellate judges; (4) certain federal officials, including the federal cabinet, diplomatic chiefs of mission, consuls, U.S. district attorneys, collectors of customs and internal revenue, and members of major federal commissions; and (5) state and national political party officials, including delegates, alternate delegates, and other participants in national party nominating conventions.  
      The listings are incomplete; development of the database is a continually ongoing project.  
      Information on this page — and on all other pages of this site — is believed to be accurate, but is not guaranteed. Users are advised to check with other sources before relying on any information here.  
      The official URL for this page is: high scool musical girl pics.  
      Links to this or any other Political Graveyard page are welcome, but specific page addresses may sometimes change as the site develops.  
      If you are searching for a specific named individual, try the alphabetical index of politicians.  
      More information: puggy naked girls porn; video japanese public nudity; cemetery links.  
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  • If you find any error or omission in The Political Graveyard, or if you have information to share, please see the biographical checklist and submission guidelines.
    Copyright notices: (1) Facts are not subject to copyright; see Feist v. Rural Telephone. (2) Politician portraits displayed on this site are 70-pixel-wide monochrome thumbnail images, which I believe to constitute fair use under applicable copyright law. Where possible, each image is linked to its online source. However, requests from owners of copyrighted images to delete them from this site will be honored. (3) Original material, programming, selection and arrangement are © 1996-2013 Lawrence Kestenbaum. (4) This work is also licensed for free non-commercial re-use, with attribution, under a Creative Commons License.
    Site information: The Political Graveyard is created and maintained by

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    Lawrence Kestenbaum
    , who is solely responsible for its structure and content. — The mailing address is The Political Graveyard, P.O. Box 2563, Ann Arbor MI 48106. — This site is hosted by HDL. — The Political Graveyard opened on July 1, 1996; the last full revision was done on December 29, 2013.

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